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     Protect the Earth, Change the law.

End Ecocide  


Ecocide is a word to describe what is happening to our planet; the mass damage and destruction of the natural living world.  It literally means “killing one’s home”.
And right now, in most of the world, no-one is held responsible.  

Ecocide, committed repeatedly over decades and permitted by law, has led to global climate and ecological crisis.

Treaties, agreements and civil lawsuits have all failed to prevent this.

It’s time to change the rules.  It’s time to protect our home.

We are working, together with a growing global network of lawyers, diplomats, and across all sectors of civil society, towards making ecocide a national and international crime.

Environment Pollution

Our action



#EndEcocideBelgium is part of a global citizen movement that campaigns to recognise ecocide as a 5th international crime against peace. We also support the inclusion of ecocide in the Belgian Penal Code, using the same international definition of ecocide. We collaborate with diplomats, politicians, lawyers, corporate leaders, NGOs, indigenous and faith groups, influencers, academic experts, grassroots campaigns and individuals to this end.

Ecocide is the massive destruction of ecosystems that is severe and widespread or long-term.

We are lobbying with our decision-makers to ensure that Belgium is a forerunner in supporting an international initiative to amend the Statute of Rome regulating the International Criminal Court to include ecocide. We also aim to raise awareness among the wider public for the concept of ecocide and the need to change the law are understood by society at large.

We represent Stop Ecocide International and End Ecocide on Earth in Belgium.


Belgian position regarding ecocide Law

The crime of ecocide is already recognized in the penal codes of ten countries, including Russia and Ukraine, and is in the process of being adopted in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. In France, the Citizen's Climate Convention has just decided to organize a referendum to include the crime of ecocide in French law and the French president has promised to take this fight to the international level. The island’s of the Maldives and Vanuatu, affected by rising seas, have already called for the inclusion of the crime of ecocide in the Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Belgium, for its part, is in the midst of a debate to include the crime of ecocide in the Penal Code and the Statute of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. With the possibility of prosecuting at national and international levels the most serious crimes against the environment, as is already the case for crimes against humanity and genocides.

The recognition of the crime of ecocide in Belgium would represent a first in Europe and would make it possible to support the reform projects of the International Criminal Court, to deter predatory acts, but also to repair some of the most serious damage caused to the planet.

Call on the leaders

Don't underestimate the power of your signature! 


There is in Belgium , a momentum not to be missed and it is now !

Because Belgium is in the midst of a debate on ecocide and because in December 2020, it pleaded to extend the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court to the crime of ecocide .

But also because this law is a concrete and effective request to protect the rights of nature .

The Movie

Ecocide: Change or disappear

A movie of the Europeans Foundation for the rights of Living Beings.

Release: end 2021 

By 2050, nearly a quarter of animal and plant species will have disappeared due to human activities. Today, the collapse of biodiversity, intimately linked to climate change, is a global emergency. It confronts man with a fundamental question, that of the right of life and its corollary, the crime of ecocide.


Through encounters in the four corners of the planet grafted onto a fiction – that of a trial for « ecocide « interpreted by amateur students – this film, exploring the air, the water, and the devastated earth retains forgotten links.

It underlines what we share rather than our differences. It reminds us how essential every form of life is to the survival of all. It confronts us with the changes in consciousness and behavior, individual and collective, essential to transform our societies and save our planet.

Another world is still possible for our children and grandchildren.


Act as if what you do makes a difference. Because it does!