The Movie

Ecocide: Change or disappear

Release: end 2021 

By 2050, nearly a quarter of animal and plant species will have disappeared due to human activities. Today, the collapse of biodiversity, intimately linked to climate change, is a global emergency. It confronts man with a fundamental question, that of the right of life and its corollary, the crime of ecocide.


Through encounters in the four corners of the planet grafted onto a fiction – that of a trial for « ecocide « interpreted by amateur students – this film, exploring the air, the water, and the devastated earth retains forgotten links.

It underlines what we share rather than our differences. It reminds us how essential every form of life is to the survival of all. It confronts us with the changes in consciousness and behavior, individual and collective, essential to transform our societies and save our planet.

Another world is still possible for our children and grandchildren.

A word from the author


«  Ecocide, change or disappear «  is the second part of a trilogy begun by «  Lovemeatender « , Magritte award for the best documentary in 2011. 

For this documentary, I put en end to my contract with my original production company to try a completely different adventure.

« Ecocide, change or disappear » is an innovative film, resolutely associative, built in collective intelligence and produced by the F.E.D.V. ( Fondation Européenne pour le Droit du Vivant – Belgian Foundation for the Right of the Living ).

We have tried to respect at every stage of its realization the «  zero carbon «  process.

I would like to thank all those without whom this film would not have been possible. Impossible to name all of you, but whether it is Coralie, my companion ; Javier, my friend and accomplice for so many years ; Manu Coeman who was director of my first film ; all the volunteers of Planète-Vie … or … «  Ecocide, change or disappear « , it is the result of a collective, intederpendant work.

Finally, I would like to thank all the speakers with whom, for the most part, I have forged bonds of friendship during these thirty years devoted to the defense of the living world as President of Planète-Vie.


Dr Y. Beck

President of Planète-Vie

Vice President of the European Foundation for the Rights of the Living - FEDV